Grodno Apps

Mikhail Amshei

This is My Story

I started off on the internet managing web forums with few thousand users.  Typical administrative work and design development.  I was not curious about it but knew that I needed to get into technology space since this was the way of the future.  As with all endeavours lacking passion I closed forums three years into the business.

My next stab at tech field was retail, I began selling things on ebay.  I got really good at it thanks to my HTML and Photo-editing skills I was able to build superior posts and convert users to sales really well.  However my supplier got shut down so I stopped ebay.  As most people trying to get into online sales will find it crowded and heavily regulated by governments.  Also I never liked being the middle man and not contributing to the world.

Once I knew retail wasn’t me I started full-time developing for iOS platform.  It took me a long time to get all the basics down but once I started coding I have much easier time mastering new languages and technology.  Coding logic is universal the languages are the only difference.  This is where most of the skill you see on this website and App Store comes from.