Fast Climber App

The Challenge

Most people need a health activity or two to live a healthy life.  Climbing happens to be one of the most natural ones for humans.  It’s not running or lifting weights, climbing just engages people on a whole another level and our skeletons are built for climbing, not running marathons or lifting weights.  Unfortunately nobody else made a climbing app that would help with this hobby managment.

The Solution

While iPhone comes will all the sensors necessary to make a great climbing tracker nobody took time to put an app together.  My solution is what I use on the weekly getaways to track my progress. There is an insane ammount of time that went into this project all of 67 days so I’m sharing what I found to be the best Climbing app with the world.

3D Vector Mathematics

Code-Generated Vector Graphics


Idea Development


Coding and Validations

Day Project

Amazing Result

First Functional Climbing App In the App Store!

iPhone and Apple Watch

It’s great having all of the climbing data stored and recorded on the IPhone whle you’re climbing.  Apple Watch adds new dimension to the Fast Climber experience wich allows users to see live data as they’re on the resting spot of a climb or at the top of the wall!

Code Graphics

The Visuals of this app are drawn by the iPhone and Apple Watch at the time when the app is run.  This means a number of things for coders and users.  First unlike rooster graphics most developers are expected to use by apple, code-generated vector graphics are future-proof and will not become grainy and dated many years down the line.  Also code-generated Graphics are much lighter on memory which allows your users to download the app in seconds without needing a wifi connection.

Mathematics with Performance in Mind

Most of my time spent on developing this app was in math.  The updates take place every thousand’s of the second and get validated every few seconds with feeds from multiple sponsors.  This could be bad for both battery life and memory when using traditional coding solutions.  Fast climber uses 3D Vector Calculus and Integration Mathematics as these shown the best performance in real-world tests.

Health Kit Integration

Fast Climber integrates right into Apple’s Health App and stores all the Health Information to help users get a more comprehensive look on their Health activities.  As most climbers I find enjoy a variety of Health Activities.

The Final App Works as Intended

In only 67 days from Idea to the store is a feat.  Apple does not let just any app into the store.  Unfortunately there isn’t much of an audience for it but you can check it out:

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